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Our curriculum is high quality, broad and inclusive.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Brandon Park Primary is designed to develop students’ creative skills, critical appreciation and knowledge of artistic techniques and technologies through processes of Painting, Drawing, Construction, Modelling, Pattern Making and evaluating and reflecting on their own art works as well as those of others.

The program is run by a specialist teacher who regularly undertakes professional learning courses to enhance and extend her teaching skills. Art lessons are conducted through weekly one hour sessions. The Visual Arts activities incorporate a range of classroom themes. Students are regularly given opportunities to experiment and explore and develop their own ideas. They are encouraged to display and present their own art work and discuss and critique professional works of art.

Students complete a portfolio task each term and they record their work samples and written responses to art work in Visual Arts Diaries. Artist of the Week awards are presented to students for outstanding and creative efforts at assembly each week, with recognition given in the school newsletter. Students are made aware of local Art Competitions and encouraged to participate in them. A Brandon Park student recently won the World Environment Poster Competition. We also give students the opportunity to showcase their artistic creations through art shows. Our latest Brandon Park Primary Art Show introduced paintings by every child in the school on canvas.

Information and Communication Technology

Students at Brandon Park Primary School develop many facets of their learning through the use of digital technology. Our classrooms have trollies of notebooks  and an interactive whiteboard or TV, a tool that the students find highly engaging, and supplies of iPads.

iPods and iPads are used to further develop literacy and numeracy skills and students use applications that develop number facts, spelling skills, phonemic awareness, visual literacy and a multitude of other skills. Movie making, digital storytelling and photo slides are some of the other ways our students creatively demonstrate their learning. iPads, digital cameras and video recorders complement these processes.

The students from Foundation – 4 all have access to computers in their own classes as each class has a set of 6-8 computers which are all wirelessly connected to the Internet allowing students to access email and digital learning activities. Senior grades have class sets of wireless connected netbooks.

Physical Education

Junior School Sport

In the Junior School, the primary focus of Physical Education is on developing Fundamental Motor Skills in a fun environment. These skills are learned through a variety of games, both with and without equipment, and are essential for playing a broad range of sports in later schooling

Interschool Sports

The Senior School students participate in Summer and Winter Interschool Sports with surrounding primary schools. We also participate in interschool Cross Country and Athletics, allowing students the possibility of being selected to participate in Zone Competitions. The Physical Education program is based around providing students with the necessary skills to participate in these events.

Good sportsmanship and team work are always expected.

Whole School Swimming

Our annual swimming program is held at North Lodge Swim Academy.

north lodge swimming

Other specialist programs include;

  • Music
  • Mandarin
  • Science

Better Buddies!

At Brandon Park Primary School we have adopted The Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s “Better Buddies” Program. This is an initiative designed to create a friendly and caring school environment. Through Better Buddies the students in Prep are paired with a student from Year 5 and together they further explore and learn the values of: caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility. The Better Buddies Program is timetabled for an hour per week however the Year 5 students also assist their buddies in any whole school event, introduce their buddy at school assembly and look out for them in the play ground.

Because of our community culture bullying is not an issue. We find implementing the Better Buddies program means the Foundations students feel especially cared for and extra secure at school whilst the Year 5 students thrive on the extra responsibility they are given. The program also prepares our Year 5’s for the leadership roles they can expect in their final year of primary school. This is a program the students love!

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