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Years 5 and 6

Problem solving, creativity and goal setting typify these classrooms. The key skills of independence and interdependence are taught. These prepare the students to lead responsible lives beyond school and develop their ability to work in teams.

Socially responsible behaviour is encouraged and developed.  Students are taught the behaviours that characterise an international perspective. They learn about themselves, their culture and traditions, and a range of views and perspectives from the world in which they live. Difference is enjoyed and celebrated.

However, the most important part of the Senior School is that our students are happy and love to come to school!

Year 6 Leadership Program

It is our belief that leaders are made, not just born, and the Senior School programs provide opportunities for every student to lead.  The Year 6 Student Leadership Program involves students in effective, responsible leadership activities across the school. This includes the two School Captains, House Captains and a Performing Arts Captain. These students become the face of the school and complete a number of official duties each year. Other Year 6 students are called upon for their expertise and ability to lead, e.g. our ICT, Buddy, Class and Sustainability Captains.

It can also be found in the School’s willingness to listen to student opinions, to value their voice and to have that voice contribute to shaping who we are.

Year 6 Captains are also encouraged to develop their own activities and doing so run Lunchtime Clubs that include Dance, a variety of sports, talent quests and craft.

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