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Working collaboratively and cooperatively.

The Middle School has a culture of learning that encourages our students to be everything they can be in an environment free of discipline problems.  Our students respond to the happy, aspirational atmosphere where they feel intrinsically valued in their own right and will grow up to be confident and successful citizens because of their quality early schooling experiences.

Our Middle School Program is designed to provide students (Years 3 and 4) with a range of engaging learning experiences.  The practices of flexible learning spaces are often reflected as the classes open their doors and the students work collaboratively and cooperatively together.

The Middle School are fortunate to have Monash University Engineering students visit our school each year to present hands on interactive science projects. We also have a partnership with Wheelers Hill Secondary College music department, who provide their singing teacher to conduct choir for years 3-6 weekly.

The Middle School program is run by dedicated, experienced and passionate teachers, who hold the students interests, learning and well being at the forefront.

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