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Strong literacy skills are the foundation to success in life.


Through explicit teaching, students are encouraged to learn and advance these skills in fun and interesting ways that excite students’ minds. Literacy lessons teach students the vital skills of reading and writing as well as develop the equally important speaking and listening skills. Our whole-school writing program, based on the research of Douglas Reeves and the 90/90/90 Schools, has been beneficial and the fantastic results can be seen in every classroom.

As a school community we celebrate literacy throughout the year – from the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge through to special guest speakers – with the aim to create passionate readers and writers for life.


At Brandon Park Primary School our students spend a minimum of five hours per week taking part in Mathematics sessions based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Domain of Mathematics. The dimensions of Number, Space, Measurement/Chance and Data, Working Mathematically and Structure (beginning at Level 3) are covered in each level.

The teachers employ leading-edge, innovative teaching practices that are linked to everyday experiences to challenge the learner. On a daily basis, the students are engaged in authentic learning experiences with the aid of hands on learning materials, computers (including a yearly school/home subscription to ‘Mathletics’) iPads, iPods and the interactive whiteboard. A positive attitude, confidence, enjoyment and a sense of achievement in Mathematics is fostered. We also use the program, Maths 300, to cultivate creativity and problem solving skills in a collaborative learning environment.

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