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Document & Policy Library

We are planning to provide a virtual library of our school policies.  These have been developed by the School Council, in accordance with DET guidelines.

As there are many policies, this will happen over a period of time.  You will find links to these policies below.

We will also be providing blank forms for use, such as permission notes, medication form, absence notes.  Please click the respective link, print the blank note, complete & return to school office as required.


Parent Code of Conduct 2016

BPPS Asthma Policy

BPPS Enrolment policy

BPPS Refund policy

BPPS Visitors and Trespassers Policy

BPPS Working With Children Check Policy

BPPS HeadLice Policy

BPPS Use of Seat Belted Buses Policy

BPPS Uniform Policy

BPPS Sunsmart Policy

BPPS Smoke Free School Policy

BPPS Privacy Policy

BPPS Medication policy

BPPS Mandatory Reporting Policy

BPPS Homework Policy

BPPS Gender Diversity Policy

BPPS First Aid Policy

BPPS Confidentiality Policy

BPPS Concerns and Complaints Policy

BPPS Class Representative Policy

BPPS Class Placement Policy

BPPS Class Formation Policy

BPPS Care Arrangements for Ill Students Policy

BPPS Bullying Policy


Blank Forms

Medication Authority Form

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