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Student wellbeing is integral to the learning process and at Brandon Park student wellbeing is a priority.  Student wellbeing is holistic and encompasses physical, social, emotional and cognitive states of being.

Students who are emotionally and physically well are optimistic and can engage fully with life. They have a sense of purpose and of self-acceptance, while demonstrating resilience as well as the capacity to form sustained, positive relationships.  Research indicates that young people’s wellbeing – and hence their ability to learn effectively– is enhanced when they are strongly connected to their schoolOur data strongly indicates this to be the case and the Brandon Park learning environment is one in which students feel safe and secure and which acknowledges the unique nature of each individual and their stage of development.  We foster an environment in which students have respect for themselves and others, and take responsibility for their behaviour.

Our Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyber-bullying Policies plus our whole-school approach to behaviour management demonstrate that we are prepared to take action to ensure our students feel happy and safe at school.

Programs such as Friends for Life, Better Buddies and Brandon Buddies together with a school wide focus on values, supports our drive to maintain a caring and harmonious school environment.

We have in place a number of programs and special initiatives, which are proactive and preventative in their support of our students.


• Restorative Practice
• Circle Time
• School, House and Performing Arts Captains
• Student Representative Council
• Values Education
• Weekly Certificates Student Achievement Awards
• Aussie of the Month Awards
• Whole School buddy Program
• Alannah and Madeleine Foundation Better Buddies Prep – Year 5 Program
• Seeing Red Anger Management Program P-2
• Michael Grose leadership Program for Year 5 students
• Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Program run by Social Worker from Monash Council
• A well developed Health and Physical Education Program
• A focus on Healthy Eating
• Numerous Community Service initiatives
• Student Services Support – a Guidance Officer, Speech Pathologist and Social Worker

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