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Our school is a thriving, harmonious and dynamic learning community made up of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

We are a community of learners, committed to personal excellence in every respect. Our students are nurtured and challenged to maximise their learning potential. We are committed to developing students’ individual intelligences and capabilities, whilst mastery of literacy and numeracy is at the very core of all that we do. We operate on a simple premise that all students can learn and succeed in acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviours for life and work in the global knowledge economy.

We understand that our students face a future that will be very different, in unimagined ways, from the present. They will need to be flexible and cope easily with diversity and ambiguity. They will be expected to work in innovative ways as members of professional learning teams, actively researching their practice and contributing to the growth of these teams. The problems that they will encounter in other learning contexts will require cross-disciplinary thinking and complex problem-defining and resolving skills.

Our curriculum is high quality, broad and inclusive. An array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement, connectedness to the wider world, supportive classroom environments and the recognition and valuing of differences is embedded within our culture.

Our values define who we are.


We encourage our students to take risks and think beyond the square; maximising teaching and learning opportunities through innovative and alternative approaches.


We strive for the highest quality in every aspect of our work.


We have the courage to say no and courage to tell the truth.  We do the right thing because it is right.


We believe in ourselves, accept challenges, try hard and do not give up easily.


We respect ourselves, others, our property and our school’s history and traditions.


We share a sense on common purpose; we share responsibility, collaboration and mutual support.

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