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A number of local school policies will be required by law, the Minimum Standards for School Registration or by the Department. Where the topics covered by these local policies fall within the scope of the powers and functions of a school council, the council will have a role in the development, review and approval of these policies.

A council may also develop other policies on topics that are within the scope of their powers and functions to address local needs.

It should be noted that the day-to-day operational policies and procedures in schools are managed by the principal and staff.

The following table shows what the principal (and school leadership team), and the school council are responsible for in terms of local policy development.

The principal … The school council…
•    advises council about the need for certain local school policies to meet Department policy or legislation and guidelines •    determines the need for policy on local issues within its powers and functions
•    contributes to policy development, review and approval as a member of council and also as the principal •    develops policy in accordance with any relevant Department policy requirements, including with the school community as required
•    implements policy •    regularly reviews existing policies which fall within its powers and functions.


The following policies have been ratified by School Council.



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